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These metals are commonly used in houses and can be seen everywhere.

Aluminum - the most common metal. A silver-white light metal. Extensible. It can be made into rod, sheet, foil and other shapes. It is the most abundant metal element in the earth's crust and is widely used.

There are also many aluminum products everywhere in the house, which mainly depends on your careful observation and discovery. For example, we usually see aluminum light stands, aluminum racks, aluminum light panels, aluminum audio signs, space aluminum hangers, aluminum tea cans, etc.


Stainless steel---a metal whose main characteristics are stainless and corrosion resistance, and its hardness is higher than that of aluminum alloy. This also makes the metal of this material widely used in life. Such as stainless steel doors, stainless steel kettles, stainless steel water cups, stainless steel bowls, stainless steel cutlery, etc.

Nickel - Nickel is a metal with good mechanical strength and ductility, insoluble in water, high temperature resistance, and strong corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis. Common nickel signs for air conditioners, nickel signs for washing machines, etc.

Copper---Copper is a non-ferrous metal that is very closely related to human beings. It is second only to aluminum in the consumption of non-ferrous metal materials in China, such as tea filters, wine signs, perfume bottle signs, etc.

Iron---doors and windows, handles, anti-theft nets, protective brackets, iron lampshades, etc.

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Post time: Jun-28-2022